Les Trois Puits- Congénies

The Walled Garden

The garden is constantly being changed and at present has a relaxed partially organised feel to it! We have a number of trees and they give welcome shade in the summer. Visitors who want to relax, read or meditate will find the garden particularly sympathetic to their needs.

Here we have the developing herb garden.

In the garden is La Petite Maison.

I would like to take you on a journey through A year in the garden.

Snow in 2007 was an unusual start to a year!

More usually in January we get the start of the spring flowers.

The Spring garden really comes into it's own in March, but...

this was February 2007. Followed by...

Bluebells, Cherry blossom & Tulips, March 2007.

Sooty leads you up the garden path in April!
Iris, lend colour & Mock Orange fills the air. Also out are....

Iris are joined by roses & lilies as April turns into May & the garden heats up.

June is a riot of colours, more flowers join those already here,
amongst them are .....

We start to calm down in July as the heat starts to bite,
but we still have colour with Evening Primroses.

The summer garden is still being developed ...

but last August we had the following...

September sees the development of the Cana Lilies

Which see us through to a wonderful display at the end of October
with the Chrysanthemums

November sees the start of the winter flowers...

which takes us into December with the Cyclamen

and the wonderful colour of berries...

Bringing us full circle.
It is not possible to include all the wonderful colours & views I get in my garden and most of all I wish I could include the beautiful scents of the flowers & herbs; but for those you will have to come and visit us!

This calendar will be updated as the years progress & the garden is developed, so watch this space!

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