Les Trois Puits- Congénies

The Great Roman Games at Nîmes Arena

April 2011 - Live in the Roman age for a weekend!

On  April - (23 - 24 April 2011), the city of Nîmes and Culturespaces, the administrator of the arena, present ‘A Gathering of the Roman Antiquity in France’ as never seen before. Gladiator combats, parades, shows, Roman encampments, themed visits and much more… Come and live in the Roman age for a weekend!

2010 Roman Games in Nîmes Languedoc-Roussillon

Numerous events, spectacles, exhibitions, demonstrations and shows suited for both young and old have been planned within the Arena and also at other key locations in Nîmes - the Languedoc-Roussillon's great Roman city. Be sure not to miss the main highlights*:

• The Greatest Show – “Circus Games” – in the Arena
23rd and 24th April from 16:30 to 18:00
For the second time in 2000 years, the spectacular Roman Games will return to the Arena of Nîmes. A unique show with more than 200 performers from all over Europe!

This one and a half hour show allows us to relive the “ludi”, (Roman Games) that made the Roman Empire famous, with scene after scene leading to the Grand Finale. This ceremony will be celebrated in latin by the flamen, the Great Priest of the imperial cult. The spectacular Roman parade, orchestrated by the “praecco”, (games animator), recounts the return of a campaign, in which will take part: legionnaires, Celts, gladiators, horsemen presenting their war trophies.

Equestrian exercises involving Romans versus Gauls will give the public the possibility to vote for their favorite troupe, followed by a demonstration of chariot fighting (races, javelin throwing and ground-fighting), gladiator fights on horseback and on foot. The most valiant gladiator will be chosen by the public and presented with a laurel crown He will then be accompanied to the Grand Finale, by a procession marching with the Emperor and his praetorian guard.

• The parade – in the streets of Nîmes
23rd and 24th April at 12:00
This great triumphant procession will take place in the streets of Nîmes with the Emperor Hadrien seated on his chariot and accompanied by all the fighters. He will be preceded by his Praetorian Guard and followed up by different foreign legions, horsemen and Gauls.

• The Roman Camp – inside the ring of the Arena
23rd and 24th April from 10:00 to 15:00
A Roman encampment will be set up for the pleasure of the public in the ring of the Arena. Discover the legionnaire’s camp site and take part in their training, try their arms and admire their equipment. And the gladiator school opens its doors to the children!

This great event is conjointly produced by the city of Nîmes and Culturespaces, with the University and the Tourist Board of Nîmes.

* Please note that certain events during this weekend festival are ticketed events and require booking in advance or payment on the day. For more information and booking please visit www.arenes-nimes.com or the Nimes tourist office website.