Les Trois Puits- Congénies


Here you are spoilt for choice. There are a plethora of routes going off in all directions from the village and further afield there are simply miles of countryside to explore.

From Congenies you have a choice of rough tracks through the herb covered hills (Garrigue), or the choice of a flat open lanes through the fields, either way you are likely to have it all to yourself. It's not that there are no other people around it is just that we have so much space that there is room for everyone!

The walk to Les Trois Moulins takes about an hour

and climbs about 100m through the trees

The view from the top looks out to the Mediterranean.

Another walk from the house is the 'Garrigue gourmande' and a leaflet to go with this walk is available from the Marie.

Plaques describe the history of food and plants in the area,

traditional shelters are still to be found,

and a local artiste's rustic art is displayed.

In the other direction, across the fields, a wide range of crops can be seen,

some lanes are made up, some are not,

but all give lovely views across to the hills.

A ten minute drive from the village, or on a days walking, you can visit a number of different Roman sites, all free entry.

1.This is the Roman road at Ambrussum, you can picture the carts going alone here and wearing the tracks so clearly visible today.

Here is all that is left of the Roman bridge and dock where Romam ships used to tie up and unload provisions for the town.

2.Alternatively there is the Roman quarry at Junas. This, from the house, is a very easy flat walk along the 'Green Way', allow about three hours.

Here stone was extracted to build both Sommieres and Ambrussum.

Today this makes an arena for Jazz and other music festivals held every summer.

3.Walking east alone the Vanauge valley takes you to the Oppidum at Nages. Here can be found a Roman water source and the ruins of buildings and streets of the old fortress. In the Medieval village below, the Marie houses a museum of the site.

The surrounding countryside offers walks too numerous to list, we have books and maps for visitors to borrow. Amongst the walks are quiet strolls around all types of terrain, towns, villages, woods, hills, flat open plains and river gorges. All offer lovely views, the smell of wild herbs and the sun on your back. If you look at the photos you will see Francis dressed for both the winter as well as the summer sun. With 300 days of sun a year you are unlikely to have to stay in because of the rain!!

To finish, one last walk, or this time I should say scramble. Thirty minutes drive west of us is 'Pic St Loup' a wonderful 1000ft peak which rises straight out of the coastal plain, we have seen Golden Eagles while climbing here.

A picnic on top here is a lovely way to enjoy the view

An hours drive gives you walking in the gorges of he Ardeche or the Cevennes mountains, something for everyone, what more can I say!